Old Town, the very word, evokes a sense of history and a portal back to a time when life itself was defined by a seemingly more romantic set of values. Romantic values based on a simpler, slower and more authentic way of life. At Old Town Italy these values, as old fashion as they may be, still stand.

Foundations, built slowly, forged by skill, fortitude, passion and dedication. It is about slowing things down, celebrating ethics, preserving standards and rediscovering quality. There was a time when a visit to your local grocery store was more of a social event than a chore. Where the butcher knew your preferences and the baker greeted you by name. A place where product knowledge, a hearty smile and sound advice were given freely.

Old Town Italy’s mission is to restore these qualities and rekindle those experiences. After all, our body is our sanctuary, temple and the only one we have.